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Pages Organisation

The entier website is homogeneously structured. A webpage is organized as following:

  • A header with the lab headband,
  • The main menu directing to the different pages of the website,
  • A 2 colomnes part containing different informations. The first colomne contains hot topics of the lab life or direct links to sub part of the page. The second column contains the containt of the page.
  • A footer un bandeau bas de page, which contains informations and logos of our wardships.

Font and size

You can motify view size of the display by clicking on ctrl + mice roller anywhere on the webpage. You can also change this size by:

  • Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari: Ctrl + or Ctrl -
  • Internet Explorer and Opera in menu: View >> Zoom (or font size) and choose.

Web Standards

We are trying to increase accessibility of this website. In this context, we followed W3C recommandations. This website has been validated on Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

However, we try to update this website as much as we can. By its dynamism, some elements might be temporarely degradated.

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